Reebok Z Pump Fusion Female Running Shoe: If the Shoe Fits, Buy It

by On Apr 6, 2015
Reebok Z Pump Fusion Female Running Shoe: If the Shoe Fits, Buy It

I felt as though I was on the biggest mission of my life when I started shopping for my new pair of running shoes because I consider shoes to be the most important gear I own. Besides, I was sad to see my old shoes retired. I felt like I was saying goodbye to an old friend! I was able to narrow my choices down to a couple of brands and styles and I'm happy I chose the Reebok Z Pump Fusion running shoe after a long decision-making process. Is the shoe perfect? That's a silly question because nothing's perfect, but I'm always willing to overlook a few negatives if they're as inconsequential as those I discovered while doing my shoe research!

Reebok Z Pump Fusion Female Running Shoe: If the Shoe Fits, Buy It

About the Shoes

The Reebok Z Pump Fusion running shoe is the latest iteration of a design that is marketed as "the shoe that adapts to the foot every time", because the trademark pump produces a custom, locked-in fit. The engineering behind the Z Pump is simple: I put the shoes on my feet and fill the cage with air so there's nothing between me and the interior shoe wall. Despite such innovative technology, the Z Pump doesn't add weight to the shoes so the seamless compression makes a tighter fit possible every time. Since I like the feel of this snug shoe now that I've tried it, I wonder, is this going to spoil me for non-pump shoes down the road?

Performance and Style

Since when did Reebok take a back seat to design innovation or performance-improving technology? Since never. This running shoe gives me the ultimate control, particularly when I race around turns in hot pursuit of achieving my best time. How do they do it? By using actual automobile tyres as inspiration when crafting the out-sole, so the shoes perform like car tyres, responding to my every subtle and not-so-subtle move. Sure, there are lots of crazy colors in the line that are beloved by women who like their foot gear to match their offbeat personalities, but I'm not that girl. Cool, classic basketball grey is my go-to hue. Not only does it work with all of my running outfits, but it does a fabulous job of hiding dirt that I kick up when I'm running an all-terrain circuit.

Reebok Z Pump Fusion Female Running Shoe: If the Shoe Fits, Buy It

Runner's Boon

Find me a gaggle of girls who can agree on one athletic shoe manufacturer and I'll find a way to award you a prize! Truth is, brands are subjective, so I find women who make excuses for every style Reebok produces. My opinions are, of course, based on my Reebok brand preference.

  • I agree with everyone who said they hate to take them off, even after a long day, because they're a feet treat.
  • They look amazing on my feet, thanks to the streamlined silhouette that makes a trendy, cool fashion statement.

Runner's Bane

On the other end of the continuum from my personal feelings of enthusiasm for women's Reebok running shoes are the Contrary Connies who wouldn't say a nice thing about Reebok athletic footwear if you threatened to take away their favorite cosmetics! But I feel responsible for letting you know what naysayers think about the Z Pump Fusion so you get a balanced picture.

  • My friend who is a former Realflex Fusion fan found little support compared to her old shoes; she finds the pump feature gimmicky rather than useful.
  • Fit was a major complaint. Some runners report experiencing tongue and heel pain and even inflamed ligament after running.

Reebok Z Pump Fusion Female Running Shoe: If the Shoe Fits, Buy It

To which camp do you belong—Reebok fan or Reebok foe? We'd love to know whether you could add to our review by telling us why you love your Z Pump Fusion, or why this would be the last shoe you would pick for your feet. Don't worry about hurting my feelings! I understand what it's like when a girl falls in love with or is disappointed by her shoe; kinda like the new guy you meet who's just too good to be true!


Product: Reebok ZPump Fusion (Women)
Color: Baseball Grey / White
Weight: 232g
Price: S$169
Availability: At all Stadium and Royal Sporting House stores (except JCube and outlet stores)

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