Reebok Z Pump Fusion Mens Running Shoe: Pump Up Your Running Fashion

by On Apr 15, 2015
Reebok Z Pump Fusion Mens Running Shoe: Pump Up Your Running Fashion

Not every man I know pays attention to fashion trends, but as a runner who's always seeking a new personal best at the finish line, I am making an exception with my running shoes because I count on them to keep my feet safe and healthy when competing in marathons, ultras and triathlons. When the time came to replace my well-worn running shoes, I had heard about the Z Pump design that Reebok engineers invented and thought I'd just try a pair. Frankly, they felt terrific. I walked out the door with a pair of Z Pump Fusions in black, red rush and white. I know what you're thinking: Red for a guy's shoe? What can I say? I'm a little bit fashion conscious after all!

Reebok Z Pump Fusion Mens Running Shoe: Pump Up Your Running Fashion

The Shoes

The Reebok Z Pump Fusion running shoe has been marketed as "the shoe that adapts to the wearer's foot every time." It's true. The pump technology is innovatively simple: I pushed to pump a dozen or so times and the cage filled with air to create a compression sleeve that created my one-of-a-kind custom fit. Happily, the shoe doesn't just perform in the fit department. Superior cushioning makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and because that midsole cushioning doesn’t add any weight, I can perform at a higher level when I undertake short, fast runs at events or when I condition. Colours? There are lots of choices, though not all of them as dramatic as the one I picked.

The Design

Being a typical male, I'm always impressed by technology that is influenced by a different industry, so when I learned that the engineering behind the Z Pump Fusion shoe originated with high-performance vehicle tyres, I was intrigued. If tyres don't hold the road under various ground and weather circumstances, passengers aren't safe. Similarly, if my shoes don't serve me well, I could wind up slipping and sliding when I make tight turns, so I felt particularly safe the first time I ran in my new Z Pump Fusions. I like the fact that the weight of the shoe is just under 280g with a midsole drop of 10mm, and a sock liner interior which has been enhanced to work with the pump. I train at night, so I feel even more secure courtesy of the shoes' reflective heels and eyelets.

Reebok Z Pump Fusion Mens Running Shoe: Pump Up Your Running Fashion

Runner's Boon

Not every runner I know is enamoured with the Reebok brand, but those who are fans agree with me on some of the pros a wearer experiences when lacing up a pair of these babies.

  • I'm shy about saying the custom fit exceeds expectation; my other trainers are being seriously neglected!
  • Comfort gets my "thumbs up" kudos as I have waited a long time to find a shoe that actually fits snugly. I feel like I'm running barefoot on clouds!
  • Well worth the money? I would say so, if you don't mind splurging on the right shoe.
  • Runners forced to wear arch supports and other foot aids could find themselves able to remove them at last!

Runner's Bane

We live in a world of opinions, and when it comes to the Reebok Z Pump Fusion for men, I learned that while women speak up more often, men are no slouches in this arena. These complaints dominated my query:

  • Despite an exact fit, those with wider feet found the Pump feature superfluous and thus, not worth the extra money.
  • Price can be a sticking point for men on strict budgets, despite the shoe's benefits.
  • A few critics found fit problems at the tongue and heel that caused them some pain.
  • Some of my friends said that they thought the Pump gimmick was just an excuse for Reebok to pump up the price!

Reebok Z Pump Fusion Mens Running Shoe: Pump Up Your Running Fashion

Help prove me wrong! I've heard that men are hesitant to express their opinions and won't go to the trouble of commenting on a product as long as it fits and the price is reasonable. Are you willing to weigh in on the subject of the pros and cons of Reebok Z Pump Fusion running shoes? You don't have to write a book, but your own words can help other men make a purchase decision, so can I count on you?


Product: Reebok ZPump Fusion (Men)
Color: Black / Red Rush / White
Weight: 278g
Price: S$169
Availability: At all Stadium and Royal Sporting House stores (except JCube and outlet stores)

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