Saucony Triumph ISO Women’s Running Shoes: A Triumph in Running Comfort

by On Mar 4, 2015
A Triumph in Running Comfort with Saucony Triumph ISO Women Running Shoes

As a dedicated runner, I know that having a proper-fitting, well-cushioned pair of shoes is a must to prevent injuries and continue to motivate me to keep running. The Saucony company (originally A.R. Hyde and Sons) has a rich history of manufacturing performance shoes for countless athletes – the company also manufactured shoes for soldiers in World War II. Since then, Saucony has become renowned for their high-quality running shoes worn by everyone from the casual runner to the elite marathoner.

Saucony has continued this tradition of excellence with the Triumph ISO, a neutral, cushioned women's running shoe. The Triumph was one of my choice shoes, and the reasons are clear to me – the shoe is designed for dazzling performance with bright and energetic colours to match.

The Support That I Need

The Triumph is a neutral-pronation shoe, meaning that its best use is with those whose feet do not pronate to the inside or outside. Running in a neutral shoe allows the runner to follow his or her natural gait more easily, and for those without significant pronation, this is often an advantage. I have feet that pronate, but by placing a custom insole in the Triumph, I can get all the benefits of this shoe with the extra support I need.

While the shoe allows for a natural gait, it comes equipped with maximal cushioning to help soften each step, prevent injury, and keep runners motivated. The advanced cushioning provides a high level of impact protection, as the cushion compresses between the runner's foot and the running surface with each stride. The Triumph is best suited to road or track running, as the additional cushion may not be needed on natural surfaces. Running in the Triumph ISO feels like walking on a cloud – when I run in the Saucony Triumph ISO, I know I'm doing my bones and joints a tremendous favour. As someone who is especially injury-prone, I know this is important.

This advanced cushioning is part of the PWRGRID+ system, a new technology developed by Saucony to provide comfort while still making the shoe as lightweight as possible. The sole of the shoe is especially impacted – the new Triumph has 3mm more cushion in the midsole, 29mm in the heel, and 21mm in the forefoot. Essentially, it feels a lot like the older Triumph – the impact is just much softer.

A Triumph in Running Comfort with Saucony Triumph ISO Women Running Shoes

Glove like Comfort

At first, I was worried about the plush cushioning resulting in a bulky shoe, but the Triumph wraps around my foot like a glove, providing superb comfort without sacrificing support. Saucony's unique ISOFIT system allows the shoe to conform to the runner's foot, making it feel as if it's custom-made. In the past, many running shoe uppers were stiff, rough and bulky. Mine certainly weren't. With ISOFIT, I can enjoy a soft, comfortable upper that still manages to gently guide my foot when it strikes the ground. This system involves a soft inner sleeve for comfort and a stronger outer shell for support.


While the Triumph may not have the forefoot cradle (a pronation support in the arch of the shoe) of the other similar models I've worn, it does provide adequate support for those who don't pronate. The shoe weighs in at 255g, which is impressive given its high degree of cushion.

This shoe runs true to size and comes in regular and wide options so that wearers can find the most comfortable size. It also comes in three unique colour combinations: black/pink, twilight/oxygen/citron (my personal favourite), and purple/citron/pink. Though not for all runners, the Saucony Triumph ISO is an excellent shoe for many.

A Triumph in Running Comfort with Saucony Triumph ISO Women Running Shoes

Runner's Boon

  • Superb cushioning combined with a lightweight shoe make this a good choice for those who need cushioning without bulk.
  • ISOFIT system ensures the upper part of the shoe remains comfortable and supportive.
  • Bright, exciting designs let you stand out from the crowd.

Runner's Bane

  • Lack of pronation support means that this shoe isn't for everyone.
  • The shoe is not waterproof or water-resistant, so running in wet conditions or on trails may be difficult.

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