The TRX Home Suspension Trainer: Breaking the Limits of Space to Make You Tougher and Fitter

by On Apr 12, 2015
The TRX Home Suspension Trainer: Breaking the Limits of Space to Make You Tougher and Fitter

The TRX home suspension trainer is an exercise tool that uses bodyweight exercises to work the different muscle groups in your body. It is composed of a sling and a set of anchors. You attach the sling to the anchors, and then attach the anchors to the wall or a similarly fixed object. The whole TRX Home kit comes with exercise guides, a transportation bag, a door placard and a wristband.


The idea behind suspension training is that, instead of a barbell or dumbbell,  you use your body's own weight as resistance. I'd say that the TRX is essentially a more versatile form of the chin-up bar which relies on body-weight workouts to generate results.

Falling under the category of low-budget exercise tools, the TRX comes with a lot of potential exercises and workouts, all of which show that the creator put thought into the best way to use the device. It's also a good tool to use if you're worried about space constraints. I didn't have too hard of a time using it in my apartment either—it took less than 10 minutes to find a good place to use it the first time, and I've been using that same spot since.

Interestingly, the TRX was developed by an innovative soldier who wanted to work out in the field. Using a judo belt and other spare parts, he assembled the first version of what became the TRX Home Suspension Trainer. When he returned home, he improved his product until it was worthy of being sold.

The TRX Home Suspension Trainer: Breaking the Limits of Space to Make You Tougher and Fitter


Decked in mostly black with yellow details, the TRX has an appealing look. It's made of a light material that makes it easy to carry around and use. The straps feel strong and sturdy, and don't stretch too much when you put weight on them. I really like the simple, clean look and feel of the suspension trainer because it doesn't look over-the-top the way many exercise accessories do. And yes, there is a pink edition of the TRX Home Suspension Trainer too.

The TRX Home Suspension Trainer: Breaking the Limits of Space to Make You Tougher and Fitter

Home vs Pro

The Home edition of the TRX is meant for new users and amateurs, while the Pro version is geared towards personal trainers who want it for their clients. The Pro version comes with stronger straps and an instructional DVD, along with extra workouts. It does cost more at US$249.99, which means the makers value the DVD and better straps at about US$50. Personally, I got the Home version and I am happy with the strap strength.

In Summary

Body-weight exercise has always been a minority choice among people who work out, although runners tend to favour it more than other fitness enthusiasts. I used to prefer lifting weights, but body-weight exercises are much more convenient than I expected. If you aren't already incorporating it into your rotation, the TRX home is a good gateway to this kind of exercise, as long as you have space and you can afford the price. The TRX home is also easy to bring with you on a run and it attaches quickly to a fence or pole. In fact, I started using it for workouts without much difficulty.

The TRX Home Suspension Trainer: Breaking the Limits of Space to Make You Tougher and Fitter

Runner's Boon

  • A great way to incorporate body-weight exercise into your routine, no matter where you are. I could even take it with me on a run or vacation.
  • The supplemental information for workouts is a good guide to using the TRX for all the different parts of your body, so you can design an effective workout or create one for yourself – your imagination is the only limit.
  • Free digital video workouts and an abundance of other training videos to get you started which are easily available on YouTube.
  • Good quality with the strong and sturdy straps.

Runner's Bane

  • The price is a little high for something that was originally crafted out of spare parts by a soldier fighting abroad.
  • It isn't easy to find in stores yet, so you need to order it online before you can see it in person.


Product: TRX Home Suspension Trainer
Colour: Yellow and Black
Price: US$199.95
Availability: Official TRX site

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