Researcher Jared Spool developed a near-obsession on the subject of why people choose to buy products as soon as they hit the market versus those who wait. That started us thinking: When a company like Reebok rolls out a second iteration of a shoe that’s doing pretty well on the international market, why a second generation? In our investigation into the newest Print Run shoe, we pose the question: Into which category do you belong?

You bought the first iteration of Reebok Print Run Shoes

Spool says this action places you firmly in the camp of social status seekers; a runner who can be counted on by teammates and friends to acquire the newest products on the market because you’re motivated and sustained by being the first.

You’re passionate about running and like being knowledgeable about items you add to your fitness wardrobe, adroitly figuring out the features and benefits that serve you best.

You waited for the Reebok Print Run Shoe 2.0!

If that’s you, we congratulate you for having such restraint because when this stylish running shoe hit the market, you may have been tempted to buy a pair even though perfectly good running shoes resided in your closet. Your reason for waiting likely fits into one of these categories:

  • You couldn’t reconcile buying new shoes when the ones you own have lots of life left in them.
  • In general, you rarely buy something new to the market because that’s the way you’re wired.
  • You didn’t mind waiting until the price on the original Reebok Print shoe dropped.
  • The first Reebok Print didn’t come in colours you favour; that was enough to put off your buying decision.

Features and Benefits everyone will celebrate in the 2.0

Whether you got yourself a pair of original Print Runs and loved them so much, parting with them was difficult or you held out for new and improved engineering, you still belong on the winner’s stage because the 2.0 will delight you in either case and for the following reasons:

First, the affordable Reebok Print Run 2.0 is a ruggedly stylish shoe in a popular industrial colour mix of lead, classic white and asteroid dust. Because of the weave and dense pattern, you’ll have to work terribly hard to get them to show the dirt you acquire as you go about your marathons and training runs.

Carbonated foam keeps things light and tight in terms of fit and comfort, and there are underfoot nodes engineered into the sole that could make women swear that they are running on air.

What’s the stand-out feature? Reebok’s signature 3D mapped-foot configuration. Reebok likes to refer to this proprietary engineering as “the 2.0’s secret sauce.” No rocket science degree needed to understand that this technology is destined to give every runner a superior experience on the trail or out on the marathon circuit.

Runner’s Boon

  • The Women’s Reebok Print Run 2.0’s low-cut design enables quicker transitions and enhanced range of motion.
  • Enter a new era of stability control courtesy of this shoe’s 360-degree, dual-density perimeter.
  • Experience a pumped-up heel that’s the epitome of durability because it’s fabricated of beefy carbon rubber.
  • So lightweight, airy and breathable, you could forget you’re wearing running shoes.
  • The textured patterning throughout the upper means your shoes won’t show dirt and grime long after everyone else’s running shoes become dingy and unattractive.

Runner’s Bane

  • If your first pair of Print Runs left you feeling less than inspired, you may not wish to take a chance on these.
  • Not every runner adjusts to running in shoes that feature outsole nodes beneath the shoe.
  • If you’re a fashionista and crave wild colours, these conservative shoes may not suit your fancy.
  • The low profile ankle could irritate your feet if you’re accustomed to wearing a traditional silhouette.

Is the Reebok 2.0 the wave of the future?

We’ve yet to find runners who choose the Reebok Print Run 2.0 for gym workouts, but for road runners, it’s wise to get out of their way! Lightweight, flexible and featuring state-of-the-art pressure-mapped technology, your purchase could transition you from being someone who puts off purchasing the latest version of a popular shoe to someone eager to join the aforementioned social set. If that’s your aim, welcome to the club!

Which category best describes your buying behaviour? Are you a risk-taker eager to purchase new products as quickly as they hit the market or are you the sort of person happy to wait until a Reebok Print Run 3.0 arrives on retailer shelves?

The Print Run 2.0 is priced at S$129 and is available at all Reebok mono-brand stores and through Royal Sporting House stores island-wide.

Priscelia Chin

Priscelia adores beautiful visuals and has a keen eye for detail. As a smart shopper and avid runner, she assists in the creative direction of RunSociety as well as occasionally conjuring thought provoking articles. Never shy to give constructive feedback, she also manages the product reviews section.

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