Why I Got My Man into ASICS FuzeX Men Running Shoes

by On Mar 6, 2016
Why I Got My Man into ASICS FuzeX Men Running Shoes

When I convinced my boyfriend to test drive a pair of new ASICS FuzeX men's running shoes and give me feedback on how they performed so I could review them, I don't think he expected me to be quite so nosy! But, I wanted the inside scoop on these shoes, and since I am always fascinated by the innovative designs released by manufacturer ASICS, I had more than a passing interest in every detail I expected him to share.

The company's brand name is an acronym of the Latin motto, "Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body," so when I handed the shoes over to my honey, I was interested in knowing whether ASICS FuzeX shoes met both criteria.

Besides, since I got him the shoes, I expected him to report back about his mind and his body after he tested them!

About the FuzeX

ASICS love to use flowery rhetoric to describe new shoe introductions and the FuzeX is no exception. Called revolutionary, exhilarating and the product of advanced technology, I was struck by the promise ASICS made in support of wearing this particular shoe model: “[These shoes] remove indecisions, like 'how fast' or 'how far,' emboldening you to live in the moment.”

So I asked my favourite guy the question: Are you living in the moment? But by this time, he was already running too fast to hear me pose the question. That proves it. And I am officially impressed by the shoe's other promise: to empower wearers to be more impulsive when running.

Why I Got My Man into ASICS FuzeX Men Running Shoes

FuzeX Shoe Features

The FuzeX is a masculine shoe that features the company's state-of-the-art gel technology (called FuzeGel), so from the moment a runner hits the ground, the shoe begins to absorb shocks, thus allowing him to bounce back fast.

Another signature feature is a Solyte Cradle that adds stability to the shoe, yet the fit, according to my guy, doesn't feel bulky. Comfort and fit are enhanced by a seamless upper and I couldn't wait to ask him if his shoes made “a more intimate connection with the ground”!

After all, I'm his intimate connection and no shoe is going to get between us. After he ran around in the shoes for a good bit of time, he agreed that the shoes met all of the aforementioned claims and even complimented the low heel drop.

Benefits of Running with ASICS FuzeX

ASICS FuzeX designers insist that this shoe's sock liner is of such premium and advanced quality, it literally helps a runner rebound as fast as a rabbit. Further, because perspiration tends to be a factor when my guy runs in the Singapore heat, he really loved the way that the liner managed interior moisture, saying that he never once felt as though perspiration was creeping up through his toes while he was on the move.

High abrasion rubber outsoles extend the life of these running shoes and the FuzeX earned the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA)'s Seal of Acceptance. Cleaning the ASICS FuzeX is a breeze: a toothbrush and anti-grease soap made quick work of mud and soil. I know this because, out of the kindness of my heart, I cleaned his shoes as part of our agreement!

Why I Got My Man into ASICS FuzeX Men Running Shoes

Runner's Boon

  • According to my boyfriend's assessment, the FuzeX running shoes fit like a glove thanks to innovative midsole construction that literally bonds EVA foam to ASICS's signature gel. In the past, insists my boyfriend, the only way he could get a similar feel and performance was by using gel inserts, so he thanked me again.
  • He complimented the way the shoes "landed," trying a variety of strides and tempos to see if he got the same pleasurable heel, mid and forefront strikes. While alternating his pace, he also found the 8mm heel-toe offset gave him a smoother run than did his old shoes. He was used to a 12mm offset, yet it took no time at all for him to make this adjustment.
  • Not one to talk fashion, my guy nevertheless complied with my request to comment on the aesthetics of the FuzeX. His review is that they are quite good-looking. That's about as dramatic as he gets when it comes to weighing in on any fashion-related subject. As a bottom-line guy, he admired the affordable price. Why shouldn't he be thrilled? I got the shoes for him!

Runner's Bane

  • When pushed for negatives, my boyfriend admitted that, in his estimation, the shoes were a little heavy for his taste. I explained that perhaps he needed to run for a longer period of time before making that assessment and he agreed, finding them even heavier the second time around.
  • While I think he looks handsome in his FuzeX, our friends concurred that these are not the most stunning running shoe they've ever seen. We both understand where they're coming from: His pair is ASICS Blue/Indigo Blue/Hot Orange because I knew I'd never get the cherry tomato/white/estate blue shoes on his feet.
  • Speaking of high, if you are picky about heel height, the 20mm heel on this shoe could make you feel as though you are on a fashion runway pitched forward like a model on stilettos.

Why I Got My Man into ASICS FuzeX Men Running Shoes


Given his conservative taste, my unpaid reviewer was happy with his more conservative, no-frills pair and likely would have refused to put them on had I gotten him the cherry tomato version. I consider this color variety to be a big plus, because while some men like basics, others love being peacocks.

Would I prefer to have relegated his FuzeX shoes to a washing machine rather than hand-cleaning them as ASICS insist? You got that right. But what matters is that my tester went out of his way to deliver a thorough review — down to the plaster I slapped on his heel after making him run too long in his new shoes.

The ASICS FuzeX is now available nationwide in ASICS mono brand stores and select sporting goods stores for S$179.

This shoe received an American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance. How much do you rely upon this sort of recommendation when you're trying to decide between several brands of running shoes?

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