You Can’t Imagine What The Reebok ZPump Fusion 2.0 Did To Me

by On Apr 13, 2016

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and yes I agreed that I'm beautiful. Oh wait.. This isn't about me.

I Dedicated My Reebok ZPump Fusion 2.0 Athletic Shoe To Someone

I'm easily distracted by beautiful stuff, and I admit that when I first spotted the pair of Reebok ZPump Fusion 2.0 running shoes hanging out in a shop window, I stopped short. I'm a big fan of Reese Witherspoon's 2001 movie "Legally Blonde," so anything trimmed with pink reminds me of Elle Woods, who famously said "When you look good, you feel good."

Alloy, tin grey, coal and white compliment this shoe's neon pink and reminded me that Elle went to law school and became a successful attorney. I bought the shoes. Now, I'll run as a tribute to her!

Deeper Than Shallow

I would be remiss if I didn't start by showcasing that ZPump, the revolutionary feature that adorned the first Fusion shoe and continues in the collection's tradition. Do women have a harder time than men getting a tailored fit? They do; which is why this pump is so critical, shaping the shoe to the contours of one’s feet so the bladder, filled with air cradles the upper foot for unprecedented support and a locked-in fit.

Amazingly, the upper doesn't make your feet look as though they've come through a sausage factory because the outer silhouette remains sleek, no matter how many pumps are required to get your perfect fit. Twist and turn on your road to victory all you like; the reinforced midfoot platform works hard to keep you from sustaining injuries.

I Dedicated My Reebok ZPump Fusion 2.0 Athletic Shoe To Someone

Reebok ZPump Fusion 2.0 Analysis

What would Elle say about the Reebok ZPump Fusion 2.0? That they look good enough to propel a woman to owning her destiny. She would applaud the manufacturer for designing so adaptable and cushioned a running shoe and she would find that speed and versatility didn't take a back seat to fashion.

I found this lightweight shoe to be a responsive, cushioned ride thanks to the carbonated foam midsole. The PowerFrame supports my midfoot and sides, too. No rubs, blisters or chafing to report (thanks, in part, to my pink socks) and while I don't run at night, those tiny little 3M reflective eyelets make me feel safer when I walk my dog Bruiser after sundown (yes, I named him for Elle's pooch).

By the way, are you aware of the fact that all feet aren't created equal? Your left may be bigger, smaller, shorter or longer than your right, so the exact number of pumps one applies is rarely the same when contouring the other foot's fit!

I Dedicated My Reebok ZPump Fusion 2.0 Athletic Shoe To Someone

Runner's Boon

  • The enhanced foot conformation offered by the ZPump Fusion 2.0 improves on the already excellent performance of the previous Fusion style.
  • If, heaven forbid, you can't abide the color pink, no worries. The Fusion 2.0 will be manufactured in other colors that are just as fashion forward as this cool combination.
  • Seamless design is, in my opinion, the wave of the future, and the 2.0 delivers big time. You'll be pumping into the future, so who needs seams on running shoes that have the potential to break down over time?
  • Call me the ultimate fashionista, but the reason this shoe mostly won my heart has to do with the fact that Reebok makes these shoes in kids sizes. If you've got a little one in your life, these mini-me shoes are irresistible!

Runner's Bane

  • The Fusion 2.0 may not be more capable of taking you to a marathon finish line in style than its earlier version, so choose these kicks if you need a great pair of good-looking shoes for everyday use.
  • I found the outsole cushioning to be a little less than perfect. After running a distance, my feet felt as though someone had put a couple of lead weights into my shoes.
  • I experienced some arch issues near the end of my test run and I think this has to do with the rubber sole construction. I'm hoping this was just a one-time problem.

I Dedicated My Reebok ZPump Fusion 2.0 Athletic Shoe To Someone


Improving on an already-excellent running shoe is a tribute to Reebok, a company dedicated to new design, improved manufacture and thorough research. In the 2.0, they've done their job. Whether your left foot requires 10 pumps and your right needs 15, you'll get a fit that has no equal, therefore, you'll likely never run into support issues.

That 5mm sockliner adds to the overall cushioning sensation and while the outsole gave me some problems, I was impressed by the fact that the CRTek rubber is modeled on material used to make high-performance tires.

As the next generation of ZPump Fusion running shoes, this candy-pink trimmed shoe should make you happy. I'm pretty sure Elle Woods would feel that way!

Priscelia adores beautiful visuals and has a keen eye for detail. As a smart shopper and avid runner, she assists in the creative direction of RunSociety as well as occasionally conjuring thought provoking articles. Never shy to give constructive feedback, she also manages the product reviews section.

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