One of the best ways for a runner to improve quickly is to train with a better runner. Some of the best reasons to run with a partner is that the both of you form better friendships, build trust and stronger bonds, at the same time stay healthy!

It can be tricky finding the right training partner with your personal goals but don’t give up just yet. This article contains tips to help you find a good training partner and ways to work together so that both improve.

What is the benefits of running with a partner? The biggest benefit of having a running partner is that both of you are accountable to each other. When one of you is looking for an excuse not to train, your partner is there to pick you up and motivate you to run.

Friendships forged through running are as beautiful as they are strong. Strengthened by each shared stride, and tempered by exhaustion, they are bonds difficult to break.

Another benefit is the competitive nature that may push both of you past your limits. Encourage each other to keep going and be the pillar of support, it will help you go a very long way.

For a runner, there are three most important things:

  • Choosing the right running partner in life
  • Choosing the perfect running shoes and
  • Choosing the best running location

2 Cs in a Running Partner


Commitment is one of the most important elements. A knowledgeable and experienced runner who never shows up for training is as good as not having a training partner. Fix the days and times with your partner, be devoted and not half-hearted.


If your partner is training to run his first marathon, while you’re just starting out, he may not be the best training partner. Different runners bring their own experiences and knowledge bubble to the table.

Before committing to the regime, it is important to discuss each other’s experiences and goals that both hope to achieve. For example, a sprinter knows training routines that will help their partner increase their speed whereas an experienced marathoner knows training routines that will help the sprinter increase endurance.

In a good partnership, both partners will improve and grow while working out together.

Other factors to consider when looking for a training partner include:

  • Day and time of training
  • Job factors (Example: how often the partner travels for work)
  • Family factors
  • Location of the training place
  • Factors that may affect their training schedule
  • Common distance interests

How To Find A Partner

A great way to find a running companion is word of mouth. Talking about a training goal or an upcoming run with friends, family or coworkers can get others interested in achieving the same goal and form a training group together or joining a running group.

Find someone who shares your passion and do it together.

Running with people where a relationship already exists makes it easier for accountability. Similarly, there are many existing running clubs and groups that train regularly together.

With time and perseverance, you can improve your time running alone. However, finding a training partner can help you not only improve your time but you may do so quicker and more effectively than running alone.

The Anatomy Of A Perfect Running Partner

Beside passion, what must your running partner possess? Let’s take a look in the terms of the body parts:

  • Head: Should be full of knowledge and wisdom. Provide good advice, smart and perceptive for interesting talks, but knows when to just ‘be silent and run’.
  • Eyes: Set on the prize, driven by a common goal and persistent in pursuit of the finish line.
  • Mouth: Ready for good conversation, smiles over the miles and with happy laughter.
  • Heart: A good and positive outlook in life, a good match of personalities will create real friends for life.
  • Knee: Never gave up without a fight. Accountability and timeliness is a respectful virtue when training together.
  • Butt: No excuses! Sun, rain, wind or snow, run the best in whatever mother nature brings.
  • Feet: One foot going a mutual pace that makes running fun and comfortable, another foot to kick you in the butt. Someone who challenges you will make you a better runner.

Starts From Stranger

Finding someone committed, trustworthy and compatible can be difficult but the results make it well worth the effort.

Be patient and just like in any close relationship, it take times to bond. Why not start now by talking to your colleagues or nudge some friends today!

Charlotte Lam

A health enthusiast, Charlotte creates beautiful content with the knowledge that she actively seeks in healthy living and clean eating. A former lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic (TP), where she passes on her skills in her profession, she is also the co-founder of this amazing running magazine.

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