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  • Beat Treadmill Boredom with These 4 Engaging Workouts!


    This might have happened to you before: It’s raining out and you don’t want to ruin your brand new pair of running shoes. With a resigned sigh, you head to the runners’ last resort: the dreaded treadmill. But treadmill running doesn’t have to be boring! Put on your earphones, blast your favourite music and try…

  • Newton Challenge Penang 2015 is Back and Challenges Runners to Test Their Limits!


    Aiming to attract 4,000 runners, the second Newton Challenge Penang 2015 is coming back bigger and better, underlying Newton’s continuing commitment to helping runners from all ages live well and stay healthy! The new slogan for the Newton Challenge Penang is “You Are Your Limit”, and challenges participants to reach new heights in their running…

  • Mandiri Jakarta Marathon 2014: A Wonderful Showcase for Indonesia’s Cultural Diversity!


    As ​the ​capital ​city ​of ​Indonesia, ​Jakarta ​is ​the ​melting ​pot ​for ​people ​from ​various ​cultural ​and ​ethnical ​backgrounds ​interconnecting ​with ​one ​another ​as ​they ​dwell ​in their ​daily ​lives. ​The ​myriad ​cultural ​and ​ethnical ​factors ​combined ​with ​sense ​of ​celebration ​and ​the ​spirit ​of ​sportsmanship ​are ​represented ​by ​the Mandiri Jakarta ​Marathon. In ​October…

  • The Fit Shall Inherit the Trails at Ranauthlon14 in Sabah, Malaysia!


    The Ranauthlon14 is a trail run held with collaborating venue sponsor at the Sabah Tea Plantation. Situated in Ranau, Malaysia, the Sabah Tea Plantation is a 2 hour drive from Kota Kinabalu, and is surrounded by lush tropical rainforest. In order to introduce a new generation of runners to the joy of trail running, and…

  • Light a Life 2.0 Charity Run Aims to End Child Trafficking


    To date, over 10.4 million children have been victims of human trafficking – and a group of students from HELP University are hoping to help put an end to it. First organised in 2013 by members of the university’s Child Development and Psychology Club, the Light a Life 2.0 returns this year to raise awareness…

  • Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2014 is Asia’s Most Exhilarating Vertical Race!


    The Swissotel Vertical Marathon returns on 23 November this year! Towering at a height of 226 metres as one of Southeast Asia’s tallest hotels, Swissotel The Stamford has been the site for Asia’s most gruelling Vertical Marathon since its inauguration in 1987. This world-class tower running competition will see more than 2,200 participants blaze up…

  • The Auckland Marathon 2014 Stands Out as New Zealand’s Premier Road Race!


    Also known as New Zealand’s Premier road race, The Auckland Marathon stands out as a highlight in New Zealand running calendar. Rapidly gaining an international reputation, the iconic Auckland City course starts at the sea-side Devonport village. Runners will cross the Harbour Bridge (the second longest bridge in the country), taking in the harbour and…

  • Nike We Run Series 2014 Launches Worldwide – But Not in Singapore


    From Seoul to Soweto, Mexico City to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur to Guatemala, runners will be moved to action through a series of unique Nike We Run races, with every race showcasing the highlights of each city. From now until February 2015, Nike’s We Run Race Series will reach more than 140,000 runners in 14 races…

  • Outfit of the Week: Stay Sleek and Stylish While Running at Night!


    You can wear reflective clothing without looking like a fluorescent light bulb when heading out for a night run! Here’s this week’s pick of great running gear that doesn’t sacrifice style for safety when running at dusk! If you’re using your smartphone for GPS or music, strap on a protective armband to keep it dry!…