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  • Supine Bridge Exercise Tightens Your Glutes and Strengthens Your Hips


    The Supine Bridge Exercise is great for strengthening your lower back and pelvis, which prevents any imbalances that might cause you lower back pains. Lie down on your back, with your knees bent, almost like you would if you were to do crunches or sit-ups. Gently squeeze your glutes and gently lift your pelvis off…

  • PUMA Night Run Singapore Set to Launch 1 November on Sentosa Island!


    Joining the likes of Taiwan, Korea and Malaysia, get ready for the first-ever PUMA Night Run in Singapore! The race is expected to attract 3,000 runners, and will take participants across different parts of Sentosa. Traverse Sentosa Island at Night Being the very first night race to be organised in Sentosa, the PUMA Night Run…

  • Stay Motivated This July With Our 12 Running Accessory Picks!


    Running is an excellent sport, and just like any other sport, there are a large variety of accessories for your convenience. Anything from wearing trail gaiters to choosing the correct type of socks can help improve your running experience. Here are some gadgets that will help you stay on track for an awesome run! 1….

  • Greek Couscous Salad: Creating a Salad Superpower

    Food & Nutrition

    According to experts, combining specific ingredients will enhance the natural benefits of certain foods. For example, combining olives and tomatoes will provide a more comprehensive range of cancer-fighting antioxidants than if such ingredients were served individually. This Greek Couscous Salad is one of the most convenient salads to prepare for runners, and the combination of…

  • Genghis Khan Grassland Marathon: Explore the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region!


    With its race route taking place across the lush grass plains around the Inner Mongolian town of Xiwuqi, the Genghis Khan Grassland Marathon 2014 was an exceptionally unique marathon in China. The Grassland Marathon was part of the annual Genghis Khan Festival, which also consisted of a separate mountain biking competition. This year’s 7th edition…

  • Worldwide Marathon Spotlight Goes to New York


    The interest and enthusiasm about running has increased rapidly among Singaporeans in the past decade. Today, Singapore boasts an impressive number and variety of fantastic running events throughout the year. At the same time, an increasing number of running enthusiasts are setting out to enrich their running experiences outside local boundaries. At first, it may…

  • The Lateral Lunge Warms Up Your Legs and Tones Your Thighs


    The advantage of the lateral lunge exercise is to help you to tone your inner thighs, but it can also act as a good way to get your legs ready for your daily run. Spread your legs wide (farther than shoulder width apart). Move the first leg that you are going to start reps with…

  • Yummy DIY No-Bake Chocolate Oat Bars

    Food & Nutrition

    If you just had a busy day in the office and don’t have time to squeeze in a full meal, having a snack bar is a quick way to get some energy before your run. But it is pretty hard to find a tasty energy bar that does not contain artificial preservatives. Try this recipe…

  • Starlight ULTRA 2014: Strive for the 84km Ultimate Challenge Around Penang Island


    Striving to challenge the indomitable spirit of a runner, the Starlight ULTRA in Penang seeks to create a fascinating running experience in Penang where individuals can opt to take on an easy Fun Run (7km), a Half Challenge (21km), or the Ultimate Challenge (84km). A Weekend For All Kinds of Runners Originally meant to take…