Singaporeans undertaking National Service know that intense challenges can be harrowing, so when I injured my right knee, I was worried. Although my reservist time was officially over, the rehabilitation of my knee has just begun.

I was introduced to the healing benefits of Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane, and I hoped it could be something different from what I had tried previously.

What I learnt About Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane

I always do my research when it comes to learning about something new, moreover it’s something that I have to consume. I found out that Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane is a product that utilises an all natural, patented mechanical process to separate the egg membrane from the egg shell.

A tissue repair test conducted by scientists studying joint and injury-based oxidative stress were convinced by how much more effective egg membrane-based therapies were compared to chondroitin.

Additionally, Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane comes from chicken eggs and is safe for those with seashell or seafood allergies compared to other seafood source joint products. Hence I was at ease to give it a try.

How Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane Helped Me

Millions of adults around the world suffer some form of connective tissue or joint discomfort (e.g., arthritis, fibromyalgia, sport-initiated injury and maladies that provoke ache, inflammation and pain) and my heart goes out to them — compared to the slower results seen from glucosamine and chondroitin.

I’m pretty sure how they must have felt after they began taking this product because I’ve walked in their shoes. Based on my personal experience, here’s what I experienced when I first took Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane to mediate inflammation and discomfort:

My knees feel stronger and less “noisy” when I go for stair running.
  • I set out on a fourteen-day regimen of Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane as a trial and began experiencing an improvement in my joint comfort, flexibility and range of motion by day twelve.
  • I could literally feel my shock absorption tolerance increase within that week. Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane improves my joint mobility and give it a spongy feel in my knees.
  • My knees feel stronger and less “noisy”.
  • I also learned that I was doing a great job of improving the integrity and structure of my joints that had the potential to forestall future degeneration.

I’m Feeling Good

I’m happy that I can also take other glucosamine remedies with Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane. I dislike taking large pills and Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane capsules are smaller and easier to swallow. Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane is taken once a day and it works faster and better than anything I’ve tried.

I have many friends who have some sort of knee or joint problems and I’ve recommended them to give Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane a try. For me, I believed the solution to pain and trouble free joints was constant conditioning and protection as early as possible.

Due to various factors, we need to replenish ourselves with external help in order to better protect ourselves. That’s why beside taking Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane, I’m taking fish oil and some other supplements too.

I can feel more flexibility in my knees.

What’s Your Take On This Joint Protection?

Joint protection need not have to wait. No matter what product you are intending to use to protect your joints, you should start early. Like the famous saying, “Prevention is always better than cure.”

If you are feeling discomfort in your joints or wish to ensure that your joints are in tip top condition for as long as possible, you can give Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane a try. Let us know if you have any questions about Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane.

Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane is your perfectly fit nutritional partner to achieve your goals. Like and follow Kordel’s on Facebook for the latest on Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane and other exciting products.

Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane is available in major pharmacy chains Guardian, Watsons, Unity Pharmacy and in department stores BHG, Robinsons, OG, Metro and Mustafa. You may purchase online as well at Lazada and Redmart.

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