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4 Running Secrets Designed to Safeguard Your Knees, Hips and Joints!

by On Dec 11, 2017

They neither cost a fortune nor require you to change your routine, but our 4 suggestions can work to alleviate or prevent hip and knee discomfort, allowing you to run better, faster and longer!

4 Running Secrets Designed to Safeguard Your Knees, Hips and Joints!

Runners have a keen interest in keeping their skeletal systems strong and healthy because it’s the link to one’s passion and a passport to stress reduction. Of particular concern are the knees and hips because these two areas are critical to a proper run.

Scientists say that while man’s body isn’t engineered to outrun other animals, humans have the capability of running over 100 miles without stopping if they train correctly, pay attention to their diets and maintain a healthy outlook on life.

But despite taking these steps, discomfort and injury are common factors in the life of runners — even professionals. Is it possible to run without impacting your knees and hips?

We offer the following four secrets for joint health — each of which is equally valuable. Adopt all three and you could enjoy a long healthy joint health!

Secret #1: Treat your arches with respect

It’s no mystery: Knee and hip injury and pain can be a direct result of athletic shoe design that places too much importance on arches thus triggering heel strikes that begin the assault on one’s feet.

Ironically, kids who went barefoot for much of their lives wind up with healthier arches than do kids shod at early ages.

Can this situation be reversed? It can. Foot massage and targeted exercise plus the right running shoes can make all the difference since correction starts at the sole and works its way up the skeletal system to the knees and hips.

No huge fiscal investment is required to improve your arches. A tennis ball or rolled towel can get them back into shape simply by stepping on either and then applying pressure on a routine basis.

Select proper shoes to continue the therapy. Go the extra mile when considering brands and styles. Get recommendations from medical professionals and accomplished athletes who know that hip and knee health always begins at the arch.

4 Running Secrets Designed to Safeguard Your Knees, Hips and Joints!

Secret #2: Research and find out how to protect your knees and hips early

There is a misconception that when you are young, you will not need any supplement to nourish and protect yourself however as you are more active in your young age, you will risk the higher chance of wear and tear. This is why having a good dietary supplement to support joint health and range of motion is wise.

It's important to do some research on the dietary supplement that you are taking, is it clinically tested and proven to be effective and safe? Does the product use natural ingredients and check if the product is suitable for those with allergies to consume.

One effective dietary supplement which supports joint health is Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane. Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane uses a patented, eco-friendly Hydro5™ process, assures nutrient purity and has six bioactive ingredients that support joint health and range of motion.

The Egg Membrane is derived from chicken eggs and is suitable for people with known shellfish or seafood allergies. You can even see results within 7 days such as a more spongy feeling in your joints and better flexibility.

4 Running Secrets Designed to Safeguard Your Knees, Hips and Joints!

Secret #3: Lean in to save your knees and hips

Is there one trick a runner can master to keep knee and hip pain and injury away that doesn’t involve attention to the arches? There is. And according to sports medicine physician Jordan Metzl (his book, “Running Strong,” sells fast), forget everything you’ve heard about running being bad for knees and hips. It’s not.

If your knees and hips give you problems, there’s a good chance you have developed bad form, according to a revolutionary study featured in the journal “Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise.”

Complicated? Hardly: Lean forward slightly every time you run and the weight load that burdens your knees and hips is decreased - decreased enough to dramatically cut down on the shock that assaults your bones with every footfall.

How to improve your form? Position your body as you would if you were skiing rather than running. Lean forward from your ankles to take pressure off knees and hips. That position shortens your stride length and as a bonus, study results prove this stance can even make you faster.

It’s easy to assess whether you are having pain as a result of your running form. Count the strikes you land on one leg. If that number lurks in the 60-to-65 range (120 to 130 total for both feet), increase that number to around 80 strikes per leg (total 160). Your hips and knees should notice a difference fairly soon.

4 Running Secrets Designed to Safeguard Your Knees, Hips and Joints!

Secret #4: Make changes from within

Caring for your arches, wearing proper shoes and learning the art of form alteration can do a great deal to vanquish your knee and hip issues, but there's one more puzzle piece to adopt: An all-natural supplement that impacts your joints in ways you may only dream about.

Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane is the final link in your journey to knee and joints health. In conjunction with the aforementioned recommendations, expect some stunning outcomes.

This all-natural product has clinically shown to improve range of motion and increase physical activity levels. As a rule, runners take one vegetal capsule daily (after eating). The main ingredient, hydrolysed egg membrane, goes to work.

Look forward to improve your flexibility and functions in areas around your knees and hips as active ingredients Elastin, Desmosine, Isodesmosine, Collagen and Glycosamin work together to deliver cartilage elasticity and hydration benefits while enhancing tensile strength and cushion support in joint areas.

Kordel’s BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane protects cells against attacks by free radicals. It contains antioxidants. The patented, eco-friendly Hydro5™ manufacturing process assures product purity, so in combination with proper shoes, arch rehabilitation and shortening your stride, your hips, knees and joints won't just stay healthy — they could add years to your running life, too!

You Can Run Faster and Further this Year with this Little Remedy

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