Your passion for running has improved your mental and physical wellbeing, but you need at least one alternative workout to stay toned, fit and conditioned. Sure, you could hit the treadmill. Lift weights. Endure a rowing machine minus the scenery. But, where’s the fun? Don’t settle for ho-hum supplemental workouts when you can be swept away by music, variety and joy. On your non-run days: bust a move and dance! See which of the following intrigues you most and get moving!

1. Nia Technique, Inc.

What is it: A health philosophy and body movement founded on this principle: exercise should feel good inside and out. Forget shoes. Go barefoot since there’s no high impact stress to worry about.

How and why it’s done: These cardio dance fitness classes marry martial, dance and healing arts. Mindfulness and holistic fitness are stressed. Achieve a state of well-being while getting in touch with your creative self, too.

Benefits for runners: Safely condition your body for running during 60 minute workouts that deliver toning, aerobic conditioning, strength training, cool-down and flexibility enhancers composed of 52 moves that exercise every joint and muscle in your body.

Availability in Singapore: Unfortunately, the closest you can get is Australia where classes are available in a dozen cities, but don’t fret! Keep tabs on the Nia website, so when this movement arrives, you’re ready for it.

2. Latin Jam Workout

What is it: “The newest high energy cardio dance workout craze to hit the scene!”

How and why it’s done: Imagine shaking your booty and other body parts to the rhythm of Latin favourites infused with Hip Hop—Raggaeton, Merengue, Caribbean, African, Tropical and Salsa. Want to experience what it feels like to shake up the dance floor at a trendy Singapore hot spot? This is it.

Benefits for runners: Dance steps keep runners nimble, delivering fully-charged cardio and aerobic conditioning for an ideal off-run day break. Burn 600 to 1,000 calories per session while you pour your heart and soul into Latin Jam!

Availability in Singapore: You can become an instructor and bring Latin Jam to your facility in Singapore! For more information, check out their site.


What is it: GROOVE lovers call this an organic workout, comparing it to organic food!

How and why it’s done: Created by Misty Tripoli, this simple yet revolutionary and foundational approach to fitness and health puts your body in charge of your workout since only you know what you need. Powerful music and easy dance moves give you carte blanche to explore new variations of exercises, so it doesn’t matter what your neighbour is doing!

Benefits for runners: These unique routines maximize toning benefits your body may not get when you run. Even slow, sensuous movements remind you to breathe and stretch so you isolate your muscles. Alternatively, get your cardio rate up when high energy music replaces slower tunes. Bored? Never.

Availability in Singapore: You can visit The World GROOVE Movement and join as a GROOVE ambassador to help expand and grow the GROOVE community in Singapore.

4. Zumba

What is it: Zumba was born in the U.S., but the Latin-inspired aerobic dance fitness craze has taken Singapore by storm. This is an affordable way to condition your body in-between runs.

How and why it’s done: An aerobic fitness on steroids moves to a Latin beat meshing salsa, hip hop and jazz. Improve your physique and have fun doing it.

Benefits for runners: Tone the body and achieve aerobic cardiac results you don’t get when you run or compete. Have so much fun, you’ll have to remind yourself that you’re improving leg, arm and torso muscle tone.

Availability in Singapore: Lots of Zumba classes are available throughout Singapore. Start your search for a neighbourhood class at the ‘Find a class’ page on the official site.

5. Bokwa

What is it: Called “a new and different approach to group exercise”, Bokwa requires participants to draw letters and numbers while undertaking a cardio workout. Fans say they forget they’re exercising the moment top international radio hits are blasted across the studio.

How and why it’s done: When runners audition this high-powered class, they’ll find themselves keeping company with ballroom dancers looking for a way to mix a healthy workout with mind-diverting music.

Benefits for runners: Burn 1,200 calories, raise your heart rate and build muscle while you tone your extremities.

Availability in Singapore: Browse the Bokwa site for local classes.

6. KpopX Fitness

What is it: 14 K-Pop songs are broadcast across the studio for a solid 50 minute workout, during which time, you never stop moving to the groove of the hottest music around.

How and why it’s done: This fitness movement originated in South Korea and that nation’s top male and female singers provide the sound track for exercises that tone bodies and deliver an aerobic punch.

Benefits for runners: Runners enrolled in KpopX can look forward to increased stamina, endurance and flexibility with just a weekly conditioning class. According to KpopXFitness trainers, it only takes 4 to 6 sessions to see big results.

Availability in Singapore: Visit the site to find KpopX Fitness classes.

7. Tahiti Dance Fitness

What is it: Participants are encouraged to dress in Tahitian garb when engaging in this exotic workout! Based on French Polynesian traditional ote’a dance moves, the Tahitian workout runs a whopping 120 minutes, the first hour of which is just the warm-up!

How and why it’s done: There’s a big focus on hip movements, but don’t let the languid moves lull you into thinking this is an easy workout. Fast music rotations offer an all-over great body conditioning experience.

Benefits for runners: When the knees are bent and the abs are engaged, runners will feel the burn that benefits the chest and the shoulders—locations often neglected when runners try other aerobic workout techniques. Choreography helps coordination as the burn moves from feet to shoulders.

Availability in Singapore: Check out Tahiti Dance & Fitness to find a class near you.

8. Jazzercise

What is it: How many decades has Jazzercise been around? You can guess, but you might not realize how much this international exercise movement has changed over time. New components of Jazzercise include Dance Mixx Torch, Fusion Supercharge, Core-focus, Strike, varying strength workouts and more.

How and why it’s done: Tailor-made for people who prefer to mix and match classes that suit their personal needs for body toning and aerobic health, Jazzercise offers a fixed schedule of eclectic workout options.

Benefits for runners: Runners can expect to sculpt lean muscle, chisel the midsection, tone abs, lose weight and do it all within niche workout routines that comprise today’s Jazzercise class menu.

Availability in Singapore: Can’t find a Jazzercise venue in your area? You can either learn by getting the Jazzercise DVD library or become a certified instructor and open a Jazzercise franchise in Singapore.

9. Pure Barre and Xtend Barre

What is it: These international dance movements based on ballet moves has taken Singapore by storm. The Xtend Barre combined the elements of dance, ballet and Pilates to create an adrenaline-fuelled workout while the Pure Barre utilizing the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements set to fantastic music. No dance experience required to learn this graceful workout regimen. Expect motivating music ranging from soothing to high-energy, hip hop beats.

How and why it’s done: If you’ve always been struck by the lithe bodies of ballerinas, try to emulate them using either of these dance programmes. Expect to stretch, condition and tone your muscles so your health and well-being improve.

Benefits for runners: There’s no denying the degree of toning which your legs will be subjected to as you bend and stretch, but your upper body will benefit the most as you improve your stamina and work your shoulder and back muscles.

Availability in Singapore: Visit Pure Barre and Xtend Barre for more information.

10. Crunk Fitness

What is it:  Guaranteed to improve your health and tone your body, the ultimate in high-energy hip hop dance will work out every last frustration you confront in this stressful world. Crunk Fitness is the latest iteration of high-energy dance movements that include Hydraulic Hip Hop, Cardio Hip Hop and Hip Hop Aerobics.

How and why it’s done: Close your eyes while undertaking Crunk hip hop dance exercise and you’ll swear you’re on a club dance floor.

Benefits for runners: Building lung stamina is an important part of a runner’s training regimen and you won’t find a better way to do that than with Crunk. Discover energy you didn’t know existed when you invest time in this thrilling aerobic workout.

Availability in Singapore: Sorry, but you’ll have to wait for the Crunk fitness craze to travel west from the US—or why not start a Crunk Fitness class?

Stay Tuned for More Dance Fitness Workouts

Want to find more dance fitness workouts? Stay tuned for the second part of the article!

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