When the Spartan Race debuted in Singapore back in 2015, our running community couldn’t wait to jump in because it precisely targeted the ambitions and goals of competitors who never met a race they couldn’t conquer. A year later, organisers staged Spartan Race 2016, completing the trifecta races by scheduling the Sprint, Super and Beast series.

As the last three Spartan Races have shown, you don’t have to be a Greek warrior or possess ultimate fitness to conquer the race. Spartans come from all walks of life and, rightfully so, nothing should stop you from giving it a shot as long as you can run, climb, crawl and jump. If you are still apprehensive, check out below #WeAreSpartan series and see how different people got their Spartan journey going.

You must invoke your inner warrior

Races designed with adults in mind include something for everyone when adventurers convene at Tampines Avenue 10 on 6th May. Be one of them and whether you are attracted to the events in the Sprint or Super categories or the 5+km run, you’ll encounter obstacles that are as much fun as they are physical and mental tests.

You’re neither too young or too old to get in on the action if you’re over the age of 14: adults can choose from the Sprint pairing a 5+km run with 20 obstacles, the Super that requires you to run 13+km before encountering 25+ obstacles and you won’t feel out of your element because the trail run portion of each race will be on familiar territory.

Need a reality check?

Don’t go into this event unprepared once you figure out that you can compete without having to bench press hundreds of pounds! Take advantage of the free obstacle survival guide provided by event organisers so you know what to expect as you prepare for what’s to come.

When you’re not overcoming obstacles, you’ll find the Spartan Race’s trail running component to be relatively easy, so don’t fear the road. Need role models to inspire you and help you prepare for 6th May? These everyday runners show why you don’t have to be an elite athlete to conquer the Spartan Race on your own terms:

Everything old is new again

While the Spartan Race has a relatively short history here in Singapore, that doesn’t mean organisers are content to rest on their laurels. Exciting changes and innovations are part of the 2017 event that are guaranteed to keep things fresh and surprising—including new obstacle designs that you will find clever and innovative.

You’ll enjoy a different run route with its own interesting terrain mix so boredom isn’t an option. What’s behind all of these improvements? Organisers’ desire to make Spartan Race more accessible to all—ergo that earlier mention of a 100-percent kids event designed to make little Singaporeans feel like super heroes.

What you can expect

  1. A near-perfect combination of experiences designed for those who love nothing better than a good challenge—athletes who have nothing to prove to the world but who have big expectations for themselves!
  2. An “image makeover” for the Spartan Race so it proves not to be the tough competition that’s so daunting, one had to be a world-class athlete to survive. Does this mean toughness has been eliminated? No way.
  3. A 5+km experience that’s like no other. Have you ever heard of an “obstacle-strewn run”? Calling all beginners: This lively race is just for you.
  4. An atmosphere that’s so family friendly, you may wonder how the Spartan Race got such a tough reputation when you discover the laughter and fun on the faces of people of all ages—even as they tackle killer challenges.
  5. A discount if you register before 30 April 2017! You read that right. Key in promo code RUNSOCIETY0517 before you checkout and receive 10-percent off your Super and/or Spartan Sprint registration fee. Now that’s incentive, don’t you think?

Are you ready to step up to Singapore’s most exciting event—a day that comes with fun and excitement plus just enough challenges to prove your strength as you are empowered to do your best at any age?

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