When 2017 dawned, there was no shortage of reasons to celebrate. Traditional New Year’s Eve came and went with the usual fireworks, promises, resolutions and excitement. And when the Year of the Rooster dawned, everyone had a reason to crow — including us — because at RunSociety, we were busy cooking up our own fresh start.

With Great Readership, Comes Great Responsibility

What’s not to love about re-defining how your favourite running magazine works?

You appreciate a new look. New feel. New direction.

Re-imagining the online face of RunSociety has been scary, fun and challenging, but the goal driving us forward has been as simple as deciding that our readers deserve a fabulous facelift to help put a fire under your early-year health and wellness goals. Done and done.

Why a re-do when everything works so well?

Some may say that the nostalgia of RunSociety’s old editorial aims, familiar colours and the comfort of knowing where to find what on our pages shouldn’t be messed with. But like every healthy society, we’re maturing, and the future requires us to conform to the loyal readers we are proud to serve.

Our circle of readers has exploded, and the body of knowledge surrounding health, fitness and wellness topics, advances and innovations has grown even faster.

Redefining our online presence is a thrilling challenge that suits our editorial soul. So we’re doing this for every reader who understands that change is an awesome, dynamic friend that’s essential to growth, as we strive to keep delivering on our “With Great Readership, Comes Great Responsibility” promise into the future.

Why it feels like Christmas around here

We’ve got tons of unwrapped packages under the metaphorical tree that represents our website, and it will be your job to unwrap each one.

You have been good, haven’t you? Then sit down. Grab a cup of tea. We’re about to send you on a rocket ride of announcements so you understand the changes we’ve undergone to serve you properly.

Same quality content

Editors, athletes, writers and word nerds come together 24/7 to analyse the needs and interests of runners at all of life’s ages and stages to deliver fresh insights into the world of fitness.

New angles. Hot profiles. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to trends, but our biggest advantage has to do with topics and subjects our competitors couldn’t hope to unearth.

We write. You read. Your wisdom increases by leaps and bounds.

Freshness served fast

History makes for nice stories but you want late-breaking news and our dynamic features won’t disappoint. RunSociety’s crack team of investigators works like a well-oiled machine to dig up the latest news, run background checks on the data and deliver it to readers before our competitors.

You are always invited to jump in if you stumble over a topic that needs investigating, so stay in touch and be part of our efforts.

Collective article stacks

What’s the secret to content curating? Discrimination. Education. Common sense. The amount of info floating in cyberspace is daunting, and given your crazy schedule, you need a website capable of deciphering it.

Relevancy is our middle name because not all content is created equal. Stuck in the Land of mediocre content courtesy of publications too busy cramming articles with keywords to make content meaningful? RunSociety to the rescue.

Endless motivation and inspiration

What good is a magazine dedicated to the health, happiness and welfare of runners if it’s not packed with motivational content that keeps runners from giving up, giving out and moving on?

Our staff has upped the ante on motivational articles, quotes and stories that show readers that impossible, improbable and unlikely aren’t in runner’s vocabularies. We are inspired by our readers, so we look upon our mission as paying it forward each time we produce a piece.

Relevancy is our middle name because not all content is created equal.

Nuts and bolts

Photos inspire. Words help emotions bloom. Ease of navigation is the life blood of any credible website, so if a website isn’t thoughtfully re-configured for ease and accessibility, why bother visiting?

Every aspect of our re-design has been re-thought, revised and re-invented. Enjoy a speedier reading experience, layouts that are clean and straight-forward and a reliable publication.

Check out our fresh new race calendar design!

The most convenient and accessible way to your favourite sporting events

Built from RunSociety’s DNA of continuous improvement and philosophy of providing extreme value to our audience, Spacebib is a marketplace created from the ground up as the first ever platform to solve the problems we have heard from so many participants.

We listened hard and now you can register your favourite running events on or discover new ones easily all in one place.

It’s all about you

It’s no accident that our reworked website is navigation-friendly: we design, code and craft from the ground up, so you don’t feel you’re in a hall of mirrors where everything you see is second-hand news.

Sure, it’s easier that way. But there is no shortcut to success. We abhor lies as much as we dislike templates because we take pride in our originality and integrity!

Dare we mention the fact that we’re a no-bullshit website as eager to offer you excellence in editorial as we are to save you money? That’s why we are as committed to offering readers race entry fee discounts as we are about keeping you informed and in the loop. That’s our new story — and we’re sticking to it!

We’d love to share more with you when the time comes and we would rather put our words into credible action, so stay tuned as we progress into the year together.

What’s your attitude to change? Do you welcome it? Run away from it? Or are you such a mellow runner, you see all change as simply part of being alive? Let us know in the comments or connect with us in whatever method you prefer.

PS: Did you notice that our homepage changes its colour based on its mood daily too?

Aidan H.

Aidan is the Editor-in-Chief of RunSociety. With more than a decade of editorial and marketing experience working with over thousands of writers. Aidan has also written for several popular websites reaching millions of readers. Recognised as an expert on the web, his focus is to oversee RunSociety’s Creativity Channel, spanning a wide range of inspirational and enriching topics daily to the community. Get in touch with him if you have something to say, or want to weigh in on an interesting topic at hello@runsociety.com.

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