• Run For Hope 2014: 11,000 Ran For A Cancer-Free Tomorrow


    The 22nd annual Run For Hope event took place on 16 November Sunday, with a total of 11,000 participants including cancer patients, survivors, family and supporters at The Promontory @ Marina Bay. Comprising a 10km non-competitive run and a 3.5km family fun run/walk, the event was graced by Guest-of-Honour Dr Lam Pin Min, Minister of…

  • Fall in Love with the SCORE Cupid Dash 2015


    Don’t look for a winged cherub with a bow and quiver filled with heart-topped arrows when you hit the start line of the SCORE Cupid Dash 2015. This 3.5km fun run is only open to human runners over 16, which means Greek gods need not register. On the other hand, if you have a passion…

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  • Swift Women: Women-Only Running Events Around The World


    According to Running USA, women account for 8.6 finishers of races throughout the United States. Similar trends are apparent throughout the world, with women playing a growing role in the running world. Male-only running events are nearly nonexistent, with men historically dominating the sport. By contrast, a recent explosion of interest in running among women…

  • Outfit Of the Week: Dress Your Best with This Gym Getup!


    Tasteful shades of dynamic purple and fuchsia give an assertive energy to this stylish getup! Keep your gym essentials in a spacious tote bag, and quench your thirst with the T1 Flow water bottle. Go for a lively look with the Compression Bra in purple and printed leggings in fuchsia, and complement the outfit with…

  • The Quadriceps Stretch Prevents Your Thighs From Cramping While Running


    The quadriceps muscles (your thighs) are one of the largest muscle groups in the body, and they play a major part when you’re running. It’s important to stretch your thighs before a run to prevent cramping! Kneel down on the floor. Move your back slowly towards the direction of your heels. Be sure to keep…

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  • Fun and Excitement at 2nd MAKNA Founder’s Night Run 2014 Malaysia


    The MAKNA founder’s Night Run (MFNR) 2014 was held successfully for the second time on 7 November 2014, at the Water Sports Complex, Presint 6, Putrajaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This year, the run registered 59% more runners than its first year with a total of more than 5,000. Many participants not only completed the…

  • 10 Important Things to Know About Running Marathons in Malaysia


    Millions of visitors flock to Malaysia for the lush landscape, majestic mountains, pristine forests and breathtaking cities set like jewels amid primeval jungles. Beneath the landscape beats the heart of a nation enamoured with running, which is why official and not-so-official runner’s clubs and marathons have sprung up across the nation like terraced tea plantations…

  • Finding Your Motivation to Keep Running


    Everyone has a different reason for running. Some do it for love of the exercise, while others do it to feed their competitive nature. Everyone has a motivator, whether they realise it or not. Here are some of the top reasons that many have caught the running bug and never looked back! Intrinsic Motivation: Striving…