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  • Iliotibial Band Stretch Relieves Knee Pain


    This stretch helps with a commonly neglected body part that many runners overlook: the iliotibial band (ITB). Perform it regularly before your run and it will alleviate pain in your knees. Sit on the floor and form a cow pose with your legs. Commonly used in yoga, the cow pose is formed when the inner…

  • What Type of Running Coach is Best for You?


    Whether you are a seasoned runner or are new to the splendors of running or in search of a healthy new hobby, it is important to consider using a running coach. Before beginning with a coach, you should independently assess your running goals and the expectations that you would have of a coach. Those with…

  • 17th Charity Midnight Run 2014 To Take Place in Amari Watergate Bangkok


    The Annual Amari Watergate & BMW Thailand Charity Midnight Run will launch its 17th edition to 7,000 runners this year! Midnight Race in the Streets of Bangkok! Being the only race to be held at midnight in Bangkok, this charity run has become an annual institution, with the streets to be closed and protected by…