• Wonderful Running Vacation: Why Run in Singapore?


    When you’re a runner, one of the best parts of travelling is getting to see the sights and sounds of the new locale by foot. If you’re visiting Singapore, you’re in for a real treat as a runner. Whether you’re pounding through a steamy jungle or you’re soaking in the views of the roaring waves,…

  • How To Choose Your Running Events Easily With This “IQ” Test


    If you suffer from sensory overload when confronted by so many running events your brain freezes, don’t give up. Deciding which events to calendar and which ones to skip is easy if you use the process of elimination. The following “IQ” questions are designed help you match your personal circumstances and resources with your desire…

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  • Smelling Great: Best Perfumes for Female Runners and When to Wear Them


    As we all know, sweating is an inevitable side effect of running which often leads to an unpleasant smell. Fortunately, applying perfume at opportune times can effectively mask your body odor. There are so many different types of perfumes that choosing the ideal one for you can seem like a daunting task, but most runners…

  • Unlock The Rewards of Remarkable Singapore Park Connector Running Routes


    Every nation allocates green space for recreation, but Singapore is undertaking the mega-project of all time: Park connectors that encircle the entire city so sports enthusiasts can just keep going! The idea, proposed in 1987 when Singapore planners sought creative ideas for maximising green space in this land-scarce city, included repurposing drainage ditches, abandoned rail…

  • How to Better Identify Your Running Aches and Pains

    Health & Injuries

    We all like to think that we’re tuned in to our body rhythms, but in fact, runners tend to be cut of different cloth. We’re risk-takers. No challenge is too daunting, and in the spirit of finishing an arduous race or conditioning course, it just feels right to push past the pain and “Go for…

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  • Where To Run In Taiwan: 10 Incredible Running Trails


    Taiwan is an island nation east of China with contemporary cities, hot springs resorts and dramatic mountainous terrain. To many people in Taiwan, running is a path that leads to self-awareness. It allows them to push themselves to the extreme and identify and expand their physical and mental limits or simply peacefully coast along a…

  • Run in the Dark for a Bright Future for Paralysis Patients


    Mark Pollock. Does the name ring a bell? Well, he is certainly gaining more attention after the recent publication of the Iron ‘ElectriRix’ Man research by UCLA scientists. Pollock is none other than the first person in the world with chronic complete paralysis to regain enough voluntary control to actively take steps in a robotic exoskeleton….

  • Which Pair of Reebok’s New ZPump Running Shoes Best Fits Your Personality?


    If the graphics designed exclusively for the Fall 2015 Reebok ZPump running shoe’s ad campaign don’t excite you, the shoes will do the job. Targeted at women and men who aren’t ashamed of showing off their physique, the ad art and shoes are powerful, inspiring and imaginative. So whether you’re a shoe-a-holic or just someone…

  • Hello Kitty Night Run Singapore: Celebrate Christmas with Hello Kitty


    The world famous Hello Kitty is back in Singapore, and she’s bringing an exciting new twist to this year’s run edition – the first ever Hello Kitty Night Run! Happening on Saturday, 19 December 2015, the night run follows a roaring success in 2014’s run which saw over 17,000 participants and Hello Kitty fans. Starting…

  • Outfit of the Week #24: Just Enjoy The Ride


    What kind of runner are you? Do you eagerly look forward to excelling and pushing your limits with each training, or do you run to unwind, taking your time with no objective in mind? Or do you just plough through your run to hit your workout quota? Whichever runner profile you lean towards, there are…

  • YOLO Run: Run Free, Run Shirtless!


    You Only Live Once – so free yourselves and run shirtless! For a good cause, of course! Come 22 November 2015, X-Change Republic Pte. Ltd. will donate a T-shirt from their stock to underprivileged children in developing countries, for every shirtless runner at the inaugural YOLO Run. Held from 8:00 a.m. till 12:00 p.m. at Gardens by…

  • What You See At These Singapore Green Running Trails Will Surprise You


    No matter how many running trails you visit in Singapore, you can expect to discover distinct mixes of bio-diversity, traffic-stopping beauty and even a little history. Whether you prefer to run, cycle or walk these verdant trails, you will witness the way Singapore respects the past and celebrates the future. Pioneers Trail at Ann Siang…

  • Run Like Crazy at These Awesome Running Trails in South Korea


    South Korea may not be considered a typical destination for travelling runners to explore new trails, but there’s definitely much to be said for their unique, challenging trails for runners of all proficiency levels. The topography of South Korea gives it a natural advantage for runners – according to CNN, approximately 70% of the South Korean…

  • Why Eight is Great for the New Saucony Women Rides


    Raise your hand if you excelled at Math, but you’re having a hard time keeping up with the Saucony Ride family of running shoes! You’re not alone. Every time we turn around, the company debuts an “improved” Ride—though proof is found in the wearer who may not be as eager for a new version because…

  • Are Obstacle Races Really Suitable For You?


    Obstacle racing has become so popular, there’s even a website racking up clicks that’s devoted exclusively to reporting the latest and greatest news on the sport. If you’ve an interest in seeing what’s going on outside Singapore, bookmark the site, but if you’d much rather participate in these wildly unconventional races than read about them,…

  • BUBBLE GLOW 5K: Asia’s First Ever UV Bubble Run


    Now, this is your chance to make 2015 truly unforgettable! Come New Year’s Eve, dance, play and run in a huge effervescent party flooded with a sea of glowing bubbles. The thrill doesn’t end after the run either – keep grooving along to the DJ’s beats at the Siloso Beach Party, Singapore’s biggest NYE bash…

  • How To Take The Perfect Running Selfie Every Time and Any Time


    There is no better way to share your run with your friends than to take a running seflie. What is a running seflie? It’s a picture that you take using your smartphone of yourself before, during or after your run. It is a fun way to share your activities with your friends in an entertaining way….