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  • Stay Away from Injuries With a “Core Day”!


    The strengthening and training of the “core” of our body has become a very popular concept among various communities and groups, ranging from elite athletes to chronic pain sufferers. The concept is sound, but there are quite a few popular misconceptions present, particularly regarding what having a stable and strong core really means. What is…

  • More than 6,300 Runners Conquered the Bridge at HCMC Run 2015


    Hosted for the second time, Ho Chi Minh City Run 2015 powered by La Vie was a pounding success, bringing together 6,348 runners of all ages. Eager participants gathered on Nguyen Khac Vien Street, Phu My Hung in the cool of dawn on Sunday, 18 January 2015. Buzzing with energy, more than 4,700 participants took…

  • 12 Interesting Games That Can Replace Your Off Run Day in Singapore


    As runners, we all know there are off day activities that can be enjoyable, as well as improve your performance. However, even if you’re just a runner for fun and aren’t all that concerned with Personal Record (like many), motivation is still a key factor in taking that next run. Admittedly, sometimes those off day…

  • The First Kanazawa Marathon 2015: Be Part Of An Amazing Historical Heritage


    The first Kanazawa Marathon will take place on Sunday, 15 November 2015 at 9:00 a.m. in Ishikawa, Kanazawa, Japan. The Kanazawa Marathon 2015, 42.195km course has been certified by both the IAAF and AIMS, making it the only current IAAF-certified marathon course in the Hokuriku region. The race starts on Hirosaka-dori Street and ends at…

  • Gear Up for Family Fun with FairPrice Walks With U 2015


    Finding ways to stay healthy as a family? Good news! FairPrice Walks With U is back this year with an itinerary-filled evening mass walk for the whole family! This year, the annual event celebrates Singapore’s 50th birthday and FairPrice’s 42 years of establishment with the theme “Walk Through The Years With FairPrice.” Stroll through memory lane as…

  • Runners’ Pedicure: Give Your Feet a Little Tune-Up to Stave Off Running-Related Problems

    Health & Injuries

    As an experienced runner, you know that with your weekly deluge of kilometres comes a variety of foot problems. Whether you’re grumpily nursing another case of plantar fasciitis, or you’re mortified to step out this summer in sandals, your feet are proof that they take quite a beating. If you’re tired of the aesthetic effect…

  • 4 Muscle Groups that Runners Should Target


    Running has become a popular hobby all over the world. Going for a quick run has plenty of health benefits. But some of us want to increase our overall fitness and endurance and take their running to the next level. It is the reason we go to the gym to work out. But what exactly…

  • 10 Reasons to go Sightseeing in Korea After Running an Autumn Marathon


    As we say goodbye to 2014, it’s humbling to realise that we had so much to be thankful for in the last 12 months. After all, it’s been a spectacular year that took us to new countries where we immersed ourselves in different cultures and tasted exciting cuisines. In October, we accompanied a group of…

  • Under Armour and 7Cycle Collab on Latest Armour@TheBay Edition


    Got athletic goals this New Year? Try the new Armour@TheBay x 7Cycle Outdoor Night Ride — a series of public outdoor stationary programmes held every other Tuesday evening at Clifford Square, Fullerton Bay. Officially launched on Friday, 16 January 2015, the bi-monthly fitness regimen is a new collaboration between revolutionary U.S. high-performance sports leader, Under…

  • Trendy, Interesting Exercise and Fitness Crazes That Singaporeans Will Love!


    Singaporeans are health conscious yet adventurous when it comes to trying out emerging trends. While the trend of running is growing, so are other fitness activities gaining popularity. Today, let’s check out some of the current fitness movements that you must absolutely try when they eventually find their way into Singapore’s workout centres. Don’t settle…

  • Spectacular Japanese Trail Running Routes for Culture Lovers


    The Japanese are known for being healthy and in good physical shape, so it should come as no surprise that the country has an abundance of running trails. And the fact that 75 percent of Japan’s topography is mountainous means that there are many unique natural running trails from which to choose. Westerners may be…

  • Running under the Sun: Hidden Dangers and Precaution

    Health & Injuries

    Whether you are just starting to run or you have been an avid half-marathon or marathon runner for years, you may love how running makes you look and feel. From the beautiful muscle tone and the enhanced ability to burn fat from running, to the sun-kissed glow that you see on your skin after a…