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  • Jabra Special Event: Running with Jenny Huang, Top Athlete and Physiotherapist


    Are you preparing well for an upcoming marathon event? If you have been training alone, you should take some time off to join like-minded runners to train together. Why? Because it’s great to get motivated and motivate others, discuss race strategy and know more friends, last but not least it’s fun! That’s why Jabra and…

  • These Amazing Fitness Programmes Would Make You Healthy and Fit!


    There are many fitness programmes out on the market today, and new programmes are emerging every now and then. While the moves and techniques might vary, the fundamentals of each programme is still the same—have fun and improve health. Previously, we introduced a series of new and interesting workout and fitness programmes. Today, we introduce…

  • Do You Know These Amazing Australian Running Trails?


    Many running trails throughout Australia are truly awesome, with breathtaking beauty in their surrounding terrain. Trail landscapes can range from hilly or mountainous stretches, to miles of coastal beaches or botanical garden rainforests. Along with the stunning and varied scenery, you will encounter many different species of wildlife while running along these colourful trails. Kangaroos, koalas, myriad…

  • 11 Great Advertisements Made For Runners


    Runners aren’t like everyone else. If you’re a runner, you understand the desire to wake up at 5 a.m. and get your feet on the pavement as soon as possible. You understand the drive to keep pushing forward, even when your muscles tell you not to. You’re not the only one. Check out these motivating…

  • Lucozade ‘Sport’ Drink Hits Stores in Singapore


    Runners loves to drink, so it’s not surprising to find an additional sports drink hitting Singapore since running is such a popular sport here. The No.1 sports drink in the United Kingdom (UK) – Lucozade Sport has reached the shelves of Singapore stores introduced by Suntory Beverage & Food Singapore Pte. Ltd. How does it…

  • Athletic Meets Aesthetic: Nike Air Zoom Structure 19 and Nike Dri-FIT Contour


    The festive season is round the corner! So why not treat yourself and your loved ones to the gift of fitness? The athletic prowess meets aesthetic appeal in these performance shoes and attire. Designed to see you through various runs and marathons, both help you look and feel great! Equipped with lightweight, ultra-responsive cushioning, together…

  • Run Like a Tiger at the Inaugural 3-Day Tassie Trail Fest!


    The trail running spotlight is on northeast Tasmania’s lush wilderness, the site of the newly launched Tassie Trail Fest. Happening from Saturday, 12 to Monday, 14 March 2016, the trail running event will be set on some of Australia’s best mountain bike trails. Gaining fame in mountain biking circles, Derby town has 80 km of…

  • 5 Habits Runners Need To Develop To Avoid Sports Injuries

    Health & Injuries

    Habits shape a whole lot about how events unfold around us each and every day. For athletes, habits and lifestyle can constitute the difference between the longevity of individual careers. It is not new to hear athletes still performing at advanced ages attribute the possibility to their choice of habits which dictates the kind of…

  • The Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Headset: Secure and Comfortable Yet Trendy


    Ever wonder what your ancestors would say about the time, energy and attention you devote to evaluating new wireless technology? They might wonder how you now thrive in today’s super-charged worlds of non-stop communication and entertainment! But if you intend to acquire the latest and greatest new wireless headset, your ancestors are the last people…

  • Are These The Most Dangerous Places To Run in Singapore?


    Singapore is regarded as one of the safest cities in the world. Violent crimes are extremely rare in Singapore, mainly due to the strict penalties imposed against offenders. As in any major city, travellers must be aware of petty personal crimes including pickpocketing, theft and mugging. According to statistics published by the United Nations, Singapore…

  • Beirut International Marathon 2015: A Race For Everyone


    Happening on Sunday, 8 November 2015, the Beirut International Marathon will see all strata of Lebanese people come together to compete alongside one another on foot and on wheels. Launched in 2003, this is the first international marathon in Lebanon and has evolved into one of the most successful running events in the region. Having…

  • Running Through Sickness? You’d Better Listen To Us First!

    Health & Injuries

    You sneeze once, hoping maybe it was just something tickling your nose. You sneeze again. Maybe it is just allergies? But then you realize that your chest feels a little tight, and your throat is a little scratchy. Uh oh. We all know what that means. Unfortunately for runners, we are more vulnerable to sickness…