• 14 Things Marathon and Race Event Organisers Wish You Didn’t Know


    Most of us encounter problems daily that could have been avoided had we be more vigilant or someone informed us of rules, regulations and parameters of activities we undertake at work, school and home. But from time to time, data we need to make informed decisions isn’t offered or when such information is withheld, it…

  • Why Marathon Runners are Successful in the Business World Too


    Nobody could accuse you of living a boring life! You put in a full day at work, socialize with friends and family and you make time for marathons—training for them and competing. But did you know that there’s a relationship between the ethics you practice at work and the character traits you exhibit on the…

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  • 10 of the Most Difficult and Challenging Ultramarathons in the World


    An ultramarathon is an organised running event involving distances significantly longer than traditional 42km road-surface marathons. Ultramarathons include two types of events. In a specified time race, each runner tries to cover the most distance within a set time limit. The second type requires runners to complete the entire distance in the least amount of…

  • Hoka One One Taupo Marathon: New Zealand’s Newest, Stunning Marathon


    Taupo: renowned for being one of the most stunning event locations in the world. Home of the New Zealand Ironman, this picturesque lakeside town is now home to New Zealand’s newest marathon, happening on Saturday, 1 August 2015. With a rich 22 year history under its belt, the Hoka One One Taupo started purely as…

  • 9 Must Visit Running Trails in Vietnam Before You Die


    Are you headed to Vietnam? You’ll want to make sure you get in your daily jog. While not exactly known as a runner’s paradise, there are plenty of trails to be followed and mountains to be scaled once you escape the busyness of places like Ho Chi Minh City. Here are just nine spots where…

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  • 22nd Christmas Island Marathon 2015: An Exotic Gem a Skip and a Hop Away


    Not too far from our Singapore shores, sits an island full of natural wonders. Known for unique annual red crab migration, and rare and unusual bird sightings, it boats glorious deserted beaches where the only footprints in the sand are those made by nesting turtles. This submarine mountain summit, located 2600km north-west of Perth, Western Australia,…

  • Osaka Marathon 2015: Which Colour Will You Run For?


    Japan hosts several well-known and well-loved races all year round but this is one truly colourful and profoundly humanitarian initiative. Aiming to help people develop a deeper understanding of charitable activities, the Osaka Marathon encourages race participants, and even supporters on the sidelines and volunteers, to participate in various charity programs. On top of entry…

  • Perform to Your Max with These 14 Healthy Drinks in Singapore!

    Food & Nutrition

    Are you thirsty? Really thirsty? You probably are if a healthy run, a training circuit, marathon or leisurely jog are on today’s calendar page. Staying hydrated competes with having the right shoes in terms of necessities for runners. Allow your thirst to go unattended and you could expose your body to debilitating dehydration that can…

  • It’s Time to Register for Singapore’s Inaugural Tom and Jerry Fun Run 2015!


    Malaya faced dreadful signs of impending war in 1940 at the same time award-winning American cartoonists William Hanna and Joseph Barbera created Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse. These two cartoon rivals just couldn’t get along, no matter how many opportunities came along that encouraged détente! Instead, they turned their attention to making as…

  • 2015 Surf Coast Trail Marathon: Relish the Beaches, Bushes, Cliff Landscapes and More


    First, start at Torquay, an hour south west of Melbourne. Explore beautiful natural trails and finish 42.2km further west on the fine beaches of Fairhaven, set along the world-renowned Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. On Saturday, 27 June 2015, the Surf Coast Trail Marathon will open categories for Individual Marathon, Team Marathon and Individual…

  • Run Baby Run! – Borneo International Marathon 2015


    Sunday, 3 May 2015 witnessed the 8th edition of Sabah’s most anticipating annual race of the year, Borneo International Marathon (BIM). This is one of the highlight races on Sabah race calendar and it is usually held in every first week of May on each year. The participation of runners has increased radically between these…

  • X-BIONIC® EffektorTM Running: Pressurise Your Performance to Quicken Your Blood Flow


    “Turn sweat into energy.” Sounds surreal? Well, Swiss company X-BIONIC’s slogan is backed with the all-new Effektor™ Power Running. Launching a new element in the high-tech running segment, the Effektor™’s innovative system combines compression and temperature management to pump up performance. When was the last time that you really ran easily? Sprinted up hills and…

  • Road to Recovery: Alternative Ways to Stay Fit While Nursing an Ankle Injury

    Health & Injuries

    As runners, we’re prone to injuries. This increases more as we vary our terrain. Roads can have uneven pavements, a misplaced twig, and trails are a beast of their own. Take my case for example. Two months ago, I twisted my ankle. I was running my usual evening route and, not noticing the crack on…

  • Outfit of the Week #21: Stay Cool and Dry


    When you run, you don’t want any bulging pockets that will hinder you. And pouches to hold essentials like your phone can hamper your stride, too. So what is a guy to do? Fret not, try your hand at this handy handheld phone case with a hand strap (yes, that’s a lot of “hands”)! Together…

  • Garmin Points the Way to the 2015 and 2016 Gold Coast Airport Marathons


    No marathon runner worth his salt can afford to lose his way—whether in real life or on the running circuit—so when organisers of the internationally popular Gold Coast Airport Marathon (GCA) announced a new partnership with Garmin, a global leader in GPS technology, that’s to span the 2015 and 2016 Australian marathon seasons, all interested…

  • Saturday Night Lights: Energizer Singapore Night Trail 2015


    If you think running is hard, try doing it in the dark, out in the trails. Back for the 5th time, the Energizer Night Trail is frequently billed as one of the toughest races in Singapore, and it does a lot to earn that honour. Broken up into three distance groups, the full 18km route…

  • 2015 Sedan Chair Race: Team Up and Bear the Weight of Those in Need


    Experience a glimpse of the old Hong Kong heritage while sharing joyful memories and supporting a great cause together! Organised by the Sedan Chair Charities Fund (SCCF), the Sedan Chair Race & Bazaar is held in Hong Kong at The Matilda International Hospital of the Peak every last Sunday of October. Last year’s “Hollywood on…