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Singapore’s Top Running Coaches: Meet 16 of the Best

by On Apr 2, 2018

Are you the “I can do it myself, thank you very much” sort or do you prefer coaching assistance to help you master your favourite activity? If you choose the second, these Singapore coaches are ready to help.

Singapore’s Top Running Coaches: Meet 16 of the Best

Who can't relate to the idea of having someone advocate on one's behalf — and if that person happens to be one of the top running coaches in Singapore, how perfect. Coaches, like running shoes, come in all shapes, prices and styles.

Finding which certified running coach or personal trainer in Singapore and offers the type of training you respond to best is easier than you imagine. Likewise finding a certified running coach or personal trainer in Malaysia is not easy either.

With our help, see which of these 16 running coach and personal trainer seems a great fit for you!

Why Do I Need A Running Coach?

Some people might think that hiring a running coach is only reserved for the professionals, but in fact a runner, coach can help you train properly to reach your specific goals.

Some of the reasons why beginners or even more established runners should consider finding a good running coach to support their running journey are:

  1. Accountability: A running coach helps to keep you accountable. There is a higher chance that a runner would get out there and run if they themselves that they have to report back. While some running coaches offer a remote running program, others will show up to run alongside their clients to time them.
  2. Personalised Training: A running coach can create a specific running plan to work on a runner weakness and provide weekly training assignment. Most running goal has some effective training plan secrets that they come up with based on experience and testing.
  3. Correct Training: Having a running coach means that you will be able to increase your running performance in several ways. Besides having a customised plan, a coach can teach you proper running form to reduce the risk of running injury as well as learning the importance of recovery and nutrition.
  4. Improved Performance: For a running coach, the greatest satisfaction would be seeing a runner reach their goals, becoming fitter, faster and grow as an athlete. It’s great to have a mentor who is also a friend.

What Type of Running Coach Should I Look For?

Runner always asks, “Who are the running coaches near me?”. There are several types of running coach and finding a suitable running coach near you is important.

A fast marathoner or ultramarathoner might not be an effective coach for your marathon training or athletics coaching.

Depending on your running needs and level, you can engage the following type of coaches:

  • Race Coach: A race coach can increase athletes confidence in their abilities and help runners to adjust their strategy with effective marathon training plan for their upcoming marathon races. It’s better to have a race coach who has competed in marathon before.
  • Beginner’s Running Coach: A running coach for a beginner can assist runners to get off their running career off to a good start starting with proper running form, correct running techniques and effective breathing techniques to selecting suitable running attire and formulating a nutrition plan.
  • Motivational Coach: A motivational coach can help a runner to deliver an extra push of motivation and set a disciplined routine.
  • Online Running Coach: If you are busy and unable to attend training runs, you can find an online running coach. Online athletics coaching can provide running schedules, one-on-one interaction via email or phone and the chance with a credible coach from around the world.
  • Self Running Coach: If budget is a concern or you can hold accountable for your own running schedule, then you can do your own research to get running tips from online running magazines like RunSociety and other running sources.

1. Coach: Lexxus Tan

Singapore’s Top Running Coaches: Meet 16 of the Best

Bona fides: This 45-year-old coach is practically a household name in Singapore, so put him high up on the celeb-runner scale. His consistent record and numbers of personal bests have deep roots: He started running at age 7 with a modest, brotherly goal: bettering the performance of his sisters! These days, he's such an icon, being trained by Lexxus at his F1 Runners Team facility could give you a competitive edge.

Personality type: A natural-born teacher and coach, Lexxus instills values of dedication, tenacity and commitment in every student he trains, so if you could use some discipline and long to remain injury-free, let him show you how he leads by example and why he's on our top running coaches in Singapore running industry.

Update: Lexxus Tan was sentenced to one year and five months' jail on 22 October 2020 after pleading guilty to a charge of cheating, with another taken into consideration during sentencing.

2. Coach: Liew Wei Yong

Singapore’s Top Running Coaches: Meet 16 of the Best

Background: She doesn't look like an entrepreneur, but Liew Wei Yong's founding of TLC (Train/Live/Compete), a coaching business specialising in personal training, proves looks can be deceiving! Certified in everything from sports management to personality/behavioural assessment, she's been training runners for 15+ years while competing in killer marathons like the Elite Ultra, Gobi and Sahara Desert runs.

Bona fides: Overseeing training for the Four Seasons Hotel, HP, SWEAT and NTUC running groups, this feisty trainer always finishes marathons in the top 16 and prides herself on a Women's Endurance first place at the 2015 Sports Hub Stepper Challenge.

Personality type: If you're likely to be motivated by a bubbly, take-no-prisoners coach who demands as much of students as she does of herself, stop reading!

Contact her at: Train Live Compete

3. Coach: Rameshon

Singapore’s Top Running Coaches: Meet 16 of the Best

Background: Who needs more than one name with Rameshon's credentials? A graduate of England's Loughborough University, he earned a Master's degree from the University of Western Australia and holds myriad titles that include Singapore's Olympic Academy Roll of Honour.

Bona fides: As Head Coach for FlexiFitness, Rameshon has trained high-profile, award- and title-winning athletes. His students benefit from breathing techniques, learned from Sri Ravi Shankar, that enhance athletic performance.

Personality type: As one of the top running coaches in Singapore, think of this 43-year-old as a father figure willing to do what it takes to help students succeed on and off the track.

Contact him at: Rameshon or FlexiFitness

4. Coach: Ben Pulham

Singapore’s Top Running Coaches: Meet 16 of the Best

Background: A member of the Coached Lab team focused on helping students establish personal road maps, Pulham likes to use analytics to determine his students' progress. He calls his coaching style comprehensive and he is a big fan of technology used in concert with training methods.

Bona fides: He's an established leader in aerobic activity, having served as fitness spokesperson for high profile brands like Nike, BMW, Facebook, Apple and Standard Chartered Bank.

Personality type: Young and enthusiastic, Ben made his mark as a professional triathlete, has lots of medals to show for it and he’s cute, too!

Contact him at: Coached

5. Coach: Ben Swee

Singapore’s Top Running Coaches: Meet 16 of the Best

Background: After separating from the Army in 1996, Ben turned his attention to running marathons and hasn't looked back. How many has he run? Over 30; including two goes at the Boston Marathon. At present, he earns our nod as one of the top running coaches in Singapore as one-half of the dynamic Running Guild professional crew.

Bona fides: Ben's pedigree is impressive: He is certified by the Road Runners Club of America and Federation of International Aerobic and Fitness professionals. Train with him if you need weight management and strength training guidance.

Personality type: Ben Swee makes a great student mentor and cheerleader. He's not shy about admitting his passion for helping others achieve success on and off the track.

Contact him at: Running Guild.

6. Coach: Holly

Singapore’s Top Running Coaches: Meet 16 of the Best

Background: Don't let her cute pixie haircut and big smile fool you: Holly is a brainiac and fitness fanatic with an outstanding reputation that places her on our list of top running coaches in Singapore list.

Bona fides: Holly is a certified RRCA running coach, Pilates master and Les Mills RPM instructor who just happens to hold a Ph.D. in biochemistry, so if you train with her, she'll tell you all about the birds and the bees.

Personality type: Holly calls herself the "tall white girl living in Singapore." She runs, cycles, swims and cools down with yoga. Bribe her with laksa and dark chocolate if you become her client and fail to take her sage advice!

Contact her at: Run with Holly

7. Coach: Lim Kien Mau

Singapore’s Top Running Coaches: Meet 16 of the Best

Coach Kien Mau on the left.

Background: Kien Mau ditched a career in mechanical engineering (after graduating with honours from NTU) in favour of becoming a certified track and field coach to help others achieve their personal fitness goals.

Bona fides: Having completed International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) coaches courses, the Level 2 National Coaching Accreditation Program and finishing Singapore Sports Council requirements, Kien Mau has coached runners for 20+ years while competing in Malaysia and Singapore marathons.

Personality type: We chose Kien Mau as one of our Top Running Coaches in Singapore because he advocates well-planned training programs and is eager to develop athletic skills in kids and adults at his Mileage headquarters.

Contact him at: Mileage

8. Coach: David Shum

Singapore’s Top Running Coaches: Meet 16 of the Best

Background: David Shum is an accredited running coach with the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) and the International Association of Athletics Federation. He is often involved as the coach in lead up running clinics for running events and his coaching contributions go the extra mile for other running groups.

Bona fides: David has published a book, Just One More Step, which includes running-related tips ranging from shoe selection to training programmes. He's a popular coach and figure on Singapore's running scene.

Personality type: When he's not coaching or running, you will see him spending the rest of the day with his family. A believer in God, David is often involved in volunteering and donating to the needy.

Contact him at: David Shum

9. Coach: Anthony Sum

Singapore’s Top Running Coaches: Meet 16 of the Best

Background: Browse Anthony Sum's life story in its entirety in this exclusive interview or "Men’s Health" magazine to understand why the "Chief Running Officer" of Team FatBird is a popular pick for runners seek coaching.

Bona fides: This marketing guru didn't discover running until he was in his 40s, but once he did and became convinced that it saved his life, he’s now on a mission to help others as a coach, mentor and popular pacer.

Personality type: Need a kick in the butt from someone who has been there and done that? Turn to this father of two for motivation and coaching, and if you're trying to quit smoking, he's your guy for sure!

Contact him at: Team Fatbird

10. Coach: Elangovan Ganesan

Singapore’s Top Running Coaches: Meet 16 of the Best

Background: As the founder of Trackstar Athletics, this dynamic coach prioritises the bond between coach and athlete to achieve better communication and performance. For 17 years he has trained kids and adults, stressing Olympic values.

Bona fides: Ganesan's students have won "World Junior, SEA Junior, Asian Youth Olympic Games, Youth Olympic Games, Regional Track Open Championships and SEA Games." He was given SSC Coach Recognition Awards three times.

Personality type: Read how Elgangovan overcame the diagnosis of Osteoarthritis that ended his competitive career to see why he deserves a place on our top running coaches in Singapore list.

Contact him at: Trackstar Athletics

11. Coach: Steven Quek

Singapore’s Top Running Coaches: Meet 16 of the Best

Photo Credit: SportSG

Background: If you're seeking a coach who is as cerebral as he is motivational, put Steven Quek on your short list of top running coaches in Singapore. His extensive education and research into the relationship between sports and academics has made him one of the most well-rounded coaches on our top 15 roster.

Bona fides: Having earned multiple degrees, Quek is an International Association of Athletics Federations certified Level 4 (distance) coach and the author of "Excel in Sports and Studies-You Can Do It!"; "Physical Education for Upper Secondary"; "C. Kunalan: Singapore's Greatest Track and Field Athlete" and "The E.W. Barker Institute of Sports Student-Athlete’s Handbook."

Personality type: Quek loves coaching kids. He believes that if a child's studies and co-curriculars are balanced, he or she can achieve a higher level of success on the playing field, and the list of awards his kids have won prove it.

Contact him at: Mileage

12. Coach: Fabian Williams

Singapore’s Top Running Coaches: Meet 16 of the Best

Coach Fabian Williams on the left.

Bona fides: When we interviewed this personable coach and trainer in 2012, his personality shone. Currently head coach at Fabian Williams Coaching Concepts (FWCC), the dude has impressive credentials that include certifications from both the International Association of Athletes Federation and Australian Track & Field Coaches Association. Four influencers changed his life after he began running at age 15: army colleagues Alson Ooi, Colonel Ang Yau Choon, an Adidas associate and his #1 training buddy, Mr. Rameshon (see above).

Personality type: Fabian Williams has a healthy respect for authority, a loyal streak and a tenacious will, so if you'd like to understand the relationship between him and Mr. Rameshon, hire him as your coach and you could be writing about him in the future!

Contact him: FWCC

13. Coach: Jacter Singh

Singapore’s Top Running Coaches: Meet 16 of the Best

Bona fides: Known affectionately as Coach Jack, Jacter Singh has been around the Singapore running scene since 1979 when he fell in love with the sport at age 17. Fast forward to the day Singapore legend C. Kunalan spotted him and recognised his talent. He blossomed under the mentorship other top Singapore coaches. The media nicknamed him the Flying Sikh and Speedy Jag. Train with him and you'll understand why.

Personality type: Put yourself into the hands of Coach Jack and see what happens. As a world-wide traveller to competitions with his students, he could make you a fixture on the world’s running scene if you follow his lead.

Contact him at: JS Athletics

14. Coach: Ghana Segaran

Singapore’s Top Running Coaches: Meet 16 of the Best

Ghana Segaran on the right.

Bona fides: As if his daytime job as Senior Customer Affairs Officer at Singapore Airlines didn't command enough of his time and energy, Ghana Segaran also serves as a critical member of Singapore Athletics’ Management Committee in his capacity as Cross Country and Road Running Chair. His sage advice has appeared in publications like "The Straits Times" as he's often quoted about training theories and practices that are the benchmark of his unique training approach.

Personality type: Are you feeling overwhelmed? Can't figure out how to balance your life so there’s room left for running? Train with Coach Ghana and ask him to share his secrets for balancing work, fitness and helping others.

Contact him at: Ghana Segaran.

15. Coach: Arnel Villamin

Singapore’s Top Running Coaches: Meet 16 of the Best

Bona fides: No time to get the training you need to perform at the top of your running game? Grab your device and go to here where you can be inspired to action. Villamin is an accounts and finance professional for a Singapore hospice and gives everything he’s got when he coaches for Pinoy-Sg Runners, helping athletes prepare for marathons—especially the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore.

Personality type: Compassion and kindness are personality traits you'll notice immediately if you meet Coach Villamin, so if you know that you have a hard time taking direction, this good Samaritan could answer your prayers.

Contact him at: Pinoy-Sg Runners

16. Coach: Jon Fong

Singapore’s Top Running Coaches: Meet 16 of the Best

Bona fides: This elite athlete in both swimming and triathlon who has received numerous Singapore National Olympic Committee awards in his athletic career, is a certified ITU Level 2 triathlon coach. Jon Fong has worked with athletes at various sports institutes before founding Morph Performance.

Personality type: Jon loves sharing; he works with many athletes and teaches others by sharing his experiences as he trains for ultra distance running and triathlon events.

Contact him at: Morph Performance

Would you like to be introduced to or recommend more of Singapore’s talented running coaches? Let us know and we’ll find or feature them!

More About Top Singapore Running Coaches

What is a running coach?

A good running coach wears many hats like the architect of a runner’s training, sports psychologist and cheerleader, drill sergeant, personal physical therapist and trusted confidante. A running coach can helps you to achieve your running goals and performance based on your ability with the aids of science, experience and knowledge.

How do I find a running coach in Singapore?

You can visit the National Registry of Coaches (NROC) by clicking on the “Find a Coach” link. You can access a list of certified coaches by Coaching location, level and gender.

How much does a running coach cost?

Hiring a personal running coach varies on the coach credential, popularity and experience and can be from $10 up to $50 per hour. It's typically cheaper to hire an online running coach, which can cost between $50 - $200 per month. Some coaches also provide free training sessions and coaching lessons.

Is a running coach useful?

Having a running coach can help you define and meet your goals. They keep you consistent and motivated, warm you up, cool you down, and help prevent injuries. They can also provide you with great tips for nutritions and feeling as well as running stories.

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